Character Backgrounds

Players take the following backgrounds for the characters they’ll be using. Feel free to add as much other detail as you want (PHB pgs 23 and 24 include some starting points). Rules for using backgrounds appear on page 178 of PHB2. First in best served as I only want one of each.

CITIZEN OF KIRIS DAHN Taken by Pious Solveer
You were born in the waning town of Kiris Dahn and spent your early years there. The citizens abandoned the already dilapidated town eight years ago, but you remember how it once was. Was your family wealthy or poor? Did you know about the town’s magical defenses? Have you seen the town since it was overrun and renamed Gorizbadd?
If you are a citizen of Kiris Dahn, you can choose Dungeoneering or Streetwise as your associated skill.

DEFENDER OF THE OPPRESSED (Taken by Bendrin Aldershack)
Though the great empires of the world have fallen, tyranny still reigns on a small scale in many places. You swore to bring down tyrants both powerful and petty. Did you grow up under a tyrannical regime? Does it matter who is being oppressed? Would you rather fight for the victims or empower them to fight for themselves?
If you are a defender of the oppressed, you can choose History or Streetwise as your associated skill.

GOBLIN FOE (TAKEN BY Marc Gristhammer)
The disgusting creatures of the goblin family (goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears) have earned your unending enmity. Did someone close to you get hurt or killed by goblins? Was a place you once lived looted or attacked? Do you abhor goblins for their cowardice? How about their awful smell?
If you are a goblin foe, you can choose Intimidate or Perception as your associated skill. (Most characters with this background choose to learn the Goblin language as the background benefit.)

REDEEMER OF THE DESECRATED (Taken By Balasaar the Paladin)
Holy sites deserve respect and require protection. Across the world, especially amid ruins and in the lairs of monsters, divine shrines to good gods have been polluted by the presence ofevil. You have taken it upon yourself to purify these places. Do you also hunt down those who desecrate shrines? What equipment do you carry to reconsecrate shrines?
If you are a redeemer of the desecrated, you can choose Dungeoneering or Religion as your associated skill.

Fascinated by antiquity and the magical arts, you’ve long dreamed offinding and collecting ancient enchanted items. Do you plan to create magic items yourselfone day, or do you merely want to find and wield the power ofitems created by long┬Ědead civilizations? Do you already possess an item you think has untapped magical potential? Were you intrigued by stories you’ve heard about famous relics? Are you just in it for the money?
If you are a treasure hunter, you can choose Arcana or History as your associated skill.

Also start to think about how you got together as an adventuring party. Have you just met? Do you know any of the others? Is there anything specific that has brought you together?

Character Backgrounds

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