• Balasaar Patrin

    Balasaar Patrin

    A proud Dragonborn Paladin.
  • Bendrin Aldershack

    Bendrin Aldershack

    Bendrin looks much like your sterotypical halfing. He has an medium length dark brown hair pulled back in several plaits and is quick to flash a charming smile or a wink.
  • Marc Gristhammer

    Marc Gristhammer

    Marc is a tall brooding human of a militaristic background. He seeks to lead and command others and has a superiority complex in that he likes to think he knows it all.
  • Nightstalker


  • Pious Solveer

    Pious Solveer

    ✦ Alleviate suffering wherever you find it. ✦ Bring Pelor’s light into places of darkness, showing kindness, mercy, and compassion. ✦ Be watchful against evil.
  • Werval Gilgirn

    Werval Gilgirn

    Jovial, happy with good company, happier with a good food and drink and happiest with a good fight. Extremely loyal with his brothers in arms and kin.